Bishop's Advisory Committee
The Bishop's Advisory Committee, BAC for short, is the board of directors for St. Edward's. This group, in partnership with the vicar, is responsible for the mission, vision and finances of our community. The BAC consists of a senior warden, junior warden, treasurer, clerk and several members. At this time, the group includes six elected members and two ex-officio members.

The Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the BAC is comprised by the Vicar, Senior and Junior Wardens, the Treasurer and the Clerk. The Vicar, the Rev. Shana McCauley, is the priest in charge, and focuses largely on liturgy (the order of the services and all sacraments) and pastoral care. The senior warden, Anita Beck, can also be called the Vicar's Warden, and acts as a lay advisor to the vicar. Donna Brown serves as the junior warden, or people's warden, and represents the congregation among the leadership of the church. Steve Potter is the treasurer and keeps the BAC abreast of St. Edward's financial circumstances. Clerk Heather Pilkington takes minutes.

Areas of Focus
The BAC has elected to focus on several areas this year, and the names attached are the BAC members connected with them.

Worship: the Rev. Shana McCauley and the Worship Committee
The Worship Committee and vicar work together to shape the order of services to create meaningful experiences with God. This includes the sacraments, prayers, music and special celebrations (such as Easter, Christmas Midnight Mass, etc.). 

Christian Formation: Anita Beck and the Sunday School Committee
Christian Formation addresses all aspects of informed Christian growth, from Sunday School to adult education to spiritual direction.

Internal Communication: Heather Pilkington and Linda MacDermott
In 2015, the BAC realized that it was important to focus on communication within our church. These women work on ensuring that each member of our congregation are aware of upcoming events, community needs and pastoral announcements.

Marketing: Donna Brown
Marketing focuses on sharing St. Edward's with the community at large.

Buildings and Grounds: Heather Adams-Wright and Lloyd McIntire
Buildings and Grounds focus on the maintenance and any new additions to our physical plant and grounds.

Outreach: Dave Foster
Outreach, a new area of focus this year, seeks to increase St. Edward's interaction with the community at large. Where marketing is about disseminating information, Outreach seeks out needs in the community and discerns ways that we can contribute. We are currently investigating a community garden, as well as working on taking care of those who are not able to attend church, and caring for those in spiritual, emotional or financial need.